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Renovation expert

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Whether you just upgrading your bathroom or adding a new one in the house, it requires a top qualification in so many aspects that some say it needs all trades involved. With extensive experience in bathroom renovations, I provide maximum expertise in all details and aspects of work from small repairs to complete remodeling.

Finished basement can give your family a gift of extra living space you will appreciate for years. If properly built, it is cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which can give you a year round economical comfort. It can also accommodate many different special points of interest like prayer room, home office, library, crafts room, sauna, wine cellar, home theater, party zone, closet and storage organizer system, children playrooms, exercise room and many… many more. Whatever level of fantasy your dream might bring you to, I'll make it come true professionally and in every detail.

Some say a family tradition begins in the kitchen. Whether or not, it's good to keep your kitchen within modern standards, and that requires going through many professional aspects and might become quite confusing to you. Let me give you a friendly professional hand to save your time and money. I am ready to go a distance from demolition to complete finishing with comprehensive control over details of your dream kitchen. Whether it’s simple or top of the line, I can guarantee your full satisfaction.

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Major Home improvement

Now, let me introduce myself.

I work in home improvement business since 1996.

And I am not just a Contractor. 


That means:

  • TRADESMAN who do the work himself from scratch to finish, and do it on time;
  • CRAFTSMANwho skilled to lead the project to the perfection of any level of your expectations;
  • BUSINESSMAN who careful and demanding in selection of all supplies to complete the job;
  • SPECIALIST who respect his word and provide a lifetime labour warranty;
  • PROFESSIONAL who knows how to improve your plans and optimize your investment,
  • FRIEND who does one job at a time accurately and diligently just for you, and protect your family from any stress and confusion during the construction,
  • BROTHER CITIZEN who highly respect every penny you spend,
  • and also a SOUL who fear of God and believe that what makes your home perfect is YOU!

Hi, I am Mike

Thank you for taking your time to stop by at my website while planning your next family Home Improvement Project.

I do understand that your choice of a right Contractor is very important and the process of selection is complicated and sometimes confusing, but, listen – this is about your home, and you must find someone you can trust completely, or... keep searching. Just imagine you chose a wrong doctor when you got very sick, or you hired an incompetent lawyer to represent you in court... So, never compromise on quality and don't save on your own peace of mind.