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Bathroom Renovation

Whether you just upgrading your bathroom or adding a new one in the house, it requires a top qualification in so many aspects that some say it needs all trades involved. With extensive experience in bathroom renovations, I provide maximum expertise in all details and aspects of work from small repairs to complete remodeling.

  • Every time you dream of upgrading your bathroom, think of a good cabinetry along with comfortable fixtures. When you doing it from scratch, every detail can be made to complement your bath or shower experience. Make the list of what you want, and I will craft it for you with professional attention. 
  • Sometimes a small addition in a room can make a big difference in your day-to-day use. Flexible shower head on a bar, TV in a wall unit, stone shelf in a shower corner, mosaic tiles inserts, thermostat controlled warm tile floor and many other details soon can become a hardly noticeable part of your usual luxury routine, but that's a comfort you surely deserve. 
  • Always start planning your bathroom remodeling from fixtures location. The easiest way is to stick to original layout, but if you really want to redesign the space, please call me for a free initial consultation, because even minor relocation depends on many factors and some of them make it impossible or require very uncomfortable compromises. With large experience in bathroom remodeling, I can analyze the structure and advise you on a best possible solution to make your dream come true.
  • Matching wood panels surrounding a tub with granite ledges would continue your general room style through. It's safe and cosy. 
  • Custom made cabinetry and granite accent along with your selection of accessories will significantly improve any lifestyle and provide enough storage for every little thing. You would absolutely appreciate your personal spot made to perfection in details.
  • A very important part of your project design is a choice of colors. I would recommend starting your selection from the granite because the natural stone always unique and one of the most expensive parts of a project. After you choose your slab, ask for a sample and pick from it the tones and colors for your cabinetry and walls. Remember: the ceiling, doors and trim can be traditionally white, but there are many shades of white too.
  • Massage tubs require separate electrical feeding lines from your power panel and in order to provide that you would need to get an electrical permit. 
  • When shopping for bathroom fixtures, pay attention to look and functionality. There are new durable finishes on a market and progressive technologies too.
  • Be creative. The design and forms are limited only by your imagination. But it has one condition: you must love it after it's done. A little misunderstanding or misinterpretation in any detail of the project could bring forth a big disappointment. So try to be fully open with your Renovator about your vision, because even a very experienced Contractor cannot read minds. Disclose to him every aspect of your expectation before renovation begins and friendly follow up as often as necessary. I am always ready to discuss all your concerns and totally understand that to avoid a mistake is much better than later correct it.

  • When arranging estimates, try at least 3 contractors to have an opportunity to compare. 
  • Never compare "apples to oranges". Estimate one and same project only! If you will get a better suggestion or advice to improve your plans, take a consideration of it, but still estimate the original design. Only after meeting with at least 3 contractors, choose the one you like more and proceed to discuss changes and adjustments with him.
  • Do not expect much asking for references. Think, who's going to give you a bad reference?
  • Just listen every Contractor with open mind and choose with open heart.
  • Meet many - go only with someone you can trust.
  • After you made your choice, get every detail of the project in writing! Just remember, nobody's perfect, neither Contractor nor you... be patient, but don't go too far if you experience problems... always easier to do things right in a first place than redo them. I always say, who try to save twice will pay triple. So be reasonable and smart. Good luck and God bless you.